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In 'And Then Replaced' I tried to respond to 'Within The Glass Temple' by Projector Collective, keeping in mind some ideas by previous participants, mostly about sleep, and tape usage. I started by cutting samples provided by Projector Collective, attempting to simplify and slow down their composition, subtracting and layering sounds I liked. After a while I came up with few short loops, which then, by means of various analog and digital processing formed this slow sleepy track. I also recorded the process of recording - audible tape recorder motor and acoustic imperfections of my small studio - which were later added to the final mix.

Szymon Kaliski / October 2010



Szymon Kaliski is young musician living in a small town near Poznan, Poland. He composes sounds based on simple acoustic loops and field recordings, transforming them into broken repetitive melodies and minimalistic drones.