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Martin Howse's piece led me on a trail of rare earths and ground speak. The earth expresses itself through the plants and trees that spring from it. A geophysical pulse of cyclical growth.
Crystals of sea salt, lemon slices, straight pouring cream and coffee beans. The impact fires flurries of synapses in every direction. They dissolve and erupt on our tongues. But, I wanted to look at the reverse journey; a guttural implosion. This piece uses sounds that are born in the base of our throats and move up through the opening of our mouths into the light. A human xylem transporting from the root to the sprouting green.

Rachel Ní Chuinn/ December 2014



Rachel Ní Chuinn is an artist who works with sound, text, electronics and radio to explore ideas of touch and movement. Her music has been performed by members of the Crash Ensemble, The Quiet Music Ensemble, This Is How We Fly and the Dublin Laptop Orchestra. Currently she is focusing on self-produced electronic works.
She performs live both on her own and with the Dublin Laptop Orchestra. She also hosts Cluastuiscint a weekly music show on Raidió na Life and has produced compositional radio documentaries for national broadcast in Ireland and live and community radio events internationally.