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Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh's beautiful piece "The Night and I" reminded me of the mysterious atmosphere of Paris. Following the idea of things emerging and receding from the city, I recorded some sounds in Venice and the island of Murano. I find Venice rather fascinating and unpredictable. I enjoy very much being lost in its labyrinthic structure, hearing the sound of the space changing radically in few seconds, coming from a very narrow street and ending up in a big square.

Being interested in exploring the acoustic properties of Venice and its surroundings, my idea was to create a kind of unpredictable path through the city, and to place those recorded sounds in an abstract context, allowing them to take different roles between responding to each other, interacting or accompanying.
Some sounds of Caoimhíns piece were processed and started to interact with my sounds in a special way, often creating a mysterious texture where the line between background and foreground becomes blurred. I also recorded the percussionist Orlando Aguilar Velazguez, a guitar, and my own voice. Eventually the piece remains rather abstract and takes the listener into a curious walk through the city. The title recalls Murano's glass factory.

Marie Guilleray / September 2011



Marie Guilleray (1978) is a french vocalist and composer based in The Netherlands, who performs in the context of free improvisation, experimental and contemporary music. Her work focuses on vocal extended techniques, the combination of voice and electronics, and sound art. She is a member of several ensembles such as Royal Improvisers Orchestra, MGBG, and collaborates on various experimental, improvised and electronic music projects.