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As a continuation of both Jimmy and Scott's ideas around the subject of sleep I tried to create something which represents the process of dreaming. It's a response to their work, a kind of release to the tension they created. If their music focused on the sound of places where we sleep or the transition into sleep from a conscious state then my piece is roughly intended as a kind of musical visitation, something which happens in the mind after we fall to sleep, –like a distant radio transmission rising out of silence and filling the void for a just short time.
One of the things which interests me most on this subject is the notion of 'dream memories', –memories of things which never happened or never could have happened, it's strange how our minds can hold onto these things and how real they actually feel sometimes regardless of their surreality. When it comes to being creative, I'd like to think that our dreams play a big part in informing the work we do.
My piece uses a small section of Scott's drone sounds which comes in about mid-way and is fairly mutated. This gave me just enough spark to form my own ideas. Mostly what you hear is some simple half-playing on ukulele, I wanted to put forward the power of suggestion. Also, I felt that a loose flow in the piece best suited the theme of dreaming.
Thomas Haugh (Hulk) / October 2008


Thomas Haugh records under the name Hulk. He has produced two albums for OSAKA records (Silver thread of ghosts – 2005 and Rise of a Mystery Tide – 2008) as well as producing materials for labels such as Melodic, Static Caravan and Expanding Records. He has also remixed works by other artists, most notable Efterklang from their most recent album.